There are many benefits Coffee News provides to our advertisers. Here are just a few.

All ads are exclusive, which means no other company in your category can advertise at the same time. YOU CAN KEEP YOUR COMPETITION OUT! Small businesses appreciate this bonus.

Our ads are less expensive than other print media, so the small business person can easily afford to advertise regularly.

Our views are all “voluntary”. So much print advertising is viewed as “junk”, often thrown out with the trash or recycled without a glance. Not Coffee News! When a loyal reader picks up Coffee News, they do so on purpose to read the entertaining stories, jokes, horoscopes, and trivia. Since your ad is never buried in the middle, every single reader of Coffee News sees every single ad. This is something you simply cannot get with other forms of print advertising.

All ads are 3″ x 2″ so no advertiser can overpower another by buying a larger ad.

Ads can be changed at no charge, unlike long running static ads such as the yellow pages.

Ads are working three meals per day – seven days per week. Consistency brings results!

Coffee News has a proven track record. Established in 1988, and now in over 20 countries around the world, Coffee News advertising works!

The ads are rotated every week so every advertiser gets fair treatment. There is no charge for this! Small ads often are obscured in other print media because the big bucks advertisers often get better placement.

We support our advertisers. Every Coffee News ad includes free additional promotion on our web page and Facebook group.

If you have more questions, please let us know and we’ll work with you to make sure you understand how Coffee News advertising can benefit your business.